2016 CODiE Winner Science4Us Teams Up with Clever Software Service


Science4Us is partnering with Clever software service, a program that allows schools and districts to access all of their applications with a single sign on.  This is a wonderful way to help our K-2 students manage the dozens of passwords they would otherwise need to remember, and it’s free for schools and districts.

With Clever, administrators and educators have the ability to choose the applications they want their students to have access to and then data is automatically updated, so the platform saves so much time.  In addition to the movement of student data, Clever provides access for administrators to review usage data quickly to provide the feedback needed to make positive adjustments.   Blog Review

Dan Carroll, co-founder and chief product officer at Clever, says that “Science4Us [is an] exciting application, and a great example of the potential for technology to create a personalized learning experience for each student.” He goes on to say, “We’re thrilled to have Science4Us on the Clever platform and are looking forward to our ability to improve learning outcomes together.”

John Edelson, founder of Science4Us, echoes the positive effects of the Clever platform and notes that, “Our partnership with Clever will improve user experience for administrators, teachers and students alike. Simplifying the account implementation and login process allows everyone to focus on learning with the Science4Us foundational science curriculum.”

About Science4Us:

A student uses Science4Us on an iPad.

A student uses Science4Us on an iPad.

Science4Us is a standards-based, digitally-delivered, K-2 science program.  Through online activities and offline hands-on activities, kindergarten, 1st grade and second grade students can learn foundational science knowledge.  Science4Us uses the 5E Model to deliver exciting and fun content to young learners.  Teachers can feel comfortable teaching the content by viewing detailed lesson plans and pedagogy videos.  Grading is easy with our digital reports.  Teachers and parents can view assessments, digital notebooks and other completed assignments.  Science4Us is a 2016 CODiE winner for Best Science Instruction Solution.