How I Used Science4Us in my Second Grade Classroom

I have been teaching for 10 years. I have taught middle school reading, second, third and fourth grades. I earned my BS in Elementary Education with a concentration in Science from Edinboro University. Currently I am teaching at Jupiter Farms Community Elementary. Previously, I taught for five years at Pine Jog Elementary, Florida’s first LEED-certified school. As the years have gone by, I have witnessed changes in the way children learn and want to be taught right before my eyes. The children are now digital natives; they enjoy using the computer to learn.

Last year, I had the opportunity to become a pilot classroom for Science4Us. My students loved each step. We would do whole group lessons in my classroom on the projector, then they would explore and finish each section individually in the computer lab. Labs were easy for students to do in groups. Students even logged in at home hungry for more.

Science4Us encouraged me to teach science the way it should be taught. Using hands-on experiences, whether seat-based or computer-based. I looked forward to teaching using the Science4Us lessons because they were not overly simplified as some textbooks lessons can be. They even included an Explain for teachers in case they were not familiar with the content. I cringe when I hear of teachers who have taught a concept incorrectly. Having the Explain helps all of us. Thanks to Science4Us, my technology usage increased, especially in terms of computer lab usage.

My second graders LOVED Science4Us. They really enjoyed the interactive Notebook, and being able to go back and see how their ideas changed as they learned more. Excitement rang out when they realized they could access their accounts at home or at the public library.

This curriculum is GREAT because it includes real vocabulary and hands-on labs that involve classroom materials, and it encompasses math, reading, and writing. I love the cheers, the interactive Notebook, and the Investigates. I like the Take A Note the best because it really encourages students to put their thinking caps on.

The feature that allows me to access the student records is definitely my favorite because I can easily track student mastery and encourage them to try again through assigned tasks if mastery was not met.

Science4Us is a program that meets the needs of our digital natives. It allows them to do experiments, practice reading skills and produce math in relation to science.

– Leaha, Second Grade Teacher