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Science in Idaho

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Idaho, with its Rocky Mountain wilderness and long, wild rivers, provides a wonderful base for students to study science. In the primary grades, science standards include identifying living and nonliving things, knowing the cycle of the seasons and the stages in the cycle of life.

Idaho’s wild and domesticated lands offer opportunities for students to experience science firsthand. Encourage your students to notice the changing seasons as they get outside for study and for play. Observe, measure, and record the changes in temperature from fall to winter to summer. Notice when precipitation turns from rain to snow and back again.

Idaho plant life can also help your students understand life cycles. In the wild, the western white pine thrives on the conditions found in the state. Food crops like potatoes, sugar beets, and lentils grow well in Idaho, too, but in order for these crops to thrive, areas that were once desert have been irrigated. With the addition of water from the Snake River, these former deserts have become fertile farming lands.

Living and nonliving aspects of life in Idaho provide a great connection to science for your students.