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Electrical Energy

Students today have a lot of experience with electrical energy. In the Electrical Energy module, students explore the types of things electrical energy does.

They learn about and explore how energy is generated and how it travels from one place to another. Students complete a Frayer Model to show their understanding of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.

Once students complete the online activity, professional development helps you continue in the teaching of Electrical Energy. Printable teacher guides include hands-on offline activities that help develop a deeper understanding of the topic, discussion points to get them talking and sharing thoughts and follow up questions to help them recall information.

Teacher Lessons are useful both before and after the online activities. They help you prepare by offering section summaries, content extensions and best practices. To take the lesson beyond the computer, you have several options: you can use the vocabulary extensions to help students enhance their science vocabulary; go over best practices to help them become better acquainted with Electrical Energy; and/or you debunk common misconceptions about electricity, one being that it is “made” at the outlet right when it is needed, when in fact, electrical energy runs from the outlet to a lamp even if the light is not on. Once the light is turned on and the circuit is complete, the electricity can flow through the bulb, generating light energy.

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