Sometimes it feels as if our young students are in constant motion, and motion certainly fascinates children. The Motion module allows students to study, describe, and learn to measure motion. Students learn that motion can be measured in terms of distance and in terms of time.

Interactive activities and games allow students to compare and make these measurements of motion. At the end of the module, the Take a Note activity allows students to connect to mathematics content as they compare and order several measurements of distance.

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This Elaborate session allows students to practice and apply new terminology related to the module content. In this session, students participate in a selection of activities that focus on vocabulary and content understanding. To complete the session, students work independently, or with peers, to complete an offline activity.

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The Explain session mixes animation with real-life video clips to provide a clear and concise description of motion and how it can be measured. Students are also encouraged to express their understanding, in their own words, as they participate in teacher-led discussions. To complete the session, students participate in an offline activity that allows them to demonstrate mastery of the content.


Fast or slow, objects, people, animals, liquids, and even gases move. In this module students begin to describe and learn to measure motion, a change in position.

Core Concept

Motion is a change in position and can be measured by distance and time.

Essential Vocabulary

motion, circular, distance, friction, measure, position, surface, time, zigzag

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Support Document

For teachers, preparing for the lesson takes little time thanks to the professional development available. The Teacher Lessons provide educators with all the information needed for a productive lesson. Each Teacher Lesson includes student sections followed by a teacher section that offers a summary, best practice, common misconceptions and more.

Within each teacher section, teachers can help enhance the learning experience various ways. For example, in Motion, a common misconception is that movement and motion are the same thing, however, this is not always the case. Some movements such as shivering, shaking your head, or swinging your arms do not result in motion, a change in position.