Gravity or Magnetism?

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different shaped and sized magnets

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Book: Physical Science Unit: Force and Motion Module: Magnets


Investigate how magnetism can be more powerful than gravity.

Research Question:

Which force is stronger—magnetism or gravity?


  • shoebox
  • thread
  • paperclip
  • small magnet
  • tape

Experimental Procedure:

  • Gather the necessary materials.
  • Tie a piece of thread to the paperclip.
  • Stand a shoebox vertically. Tape the end of the thread not tied to paperclip to the bottom of the shoebox so that the paperclip almost reaches the top of the box.
  • Place the magnet on top of the box. Bring the paperclip to the top of the box and let go. Record the results.
  • Remove the magnet. Record the results.

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