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Sorting and Classification Using Buttons

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Grade Level: Kindergarten

Book: Physical Science  Unit: Matter  Module: Material and Mixtures


Practice and refine sorting and classification skills essential to scientific research using buttons.


  • A large variety of buttons. (A variety of breakfast cereal can also be used)

Experimental Procedure:

  • Using a variety of buttons, have the students sort them into groups.
  • What do the buttons in each group have in common?
  • If possible, sort each group into subsets.
  • Resort the buttons in a different way. How would you classify these new groups of buttons?

Research Questions:

  • Can you sort the buttons into groups?
  • What do the buttons in each group have in common?
  • Can you sort them into smaller groups?
  • What other ways can you sort them?

Sorting and classification are important skills for young students. This project encourages children to practice and refine these skills. This project can also be done at an elementary science fair by setting up buttons at your table and having visitors set up their own groups.

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