Flexible Delivery Options

Just like the stripes on a zebra and the spots on a leopard, no two classrooms are exactly alike. Science4Us responds to this reality with a curriculum designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of individual classrooms. Science4Us makes delivering a quality science lesson possible whether you have one computer, a whole class set, or any number in between.

How many computers do you need to implement Science4Us?

For classrooms with access to limited technology, the the curriculum can be implemented using one computer and a projector for a whole group lesson. During this method of implementation you have more control over the pace of the lesson and you can still involve students on an individual basis by calling them up to interact with the activities.

We would do whole group lessons in my classroom on the projector, then they would explore and finish each section individually in the computer lab. Labs were easy for students to do in groups. Students even logged in at home hungry for more.
– Leaha, 2nd grade teacher

Watch a teacher implement a Science4Us activity using 1 computer and a projector.

Many classrooms are equipped with small groups of classroom computers that are perfect for leading a small group lesson for an opportunity to have more in depth discussions with students. With all of the hands-on offline activities that are a part of the curriculum, you can have a Science4Us center set up in every corner of the classroom.

I currently have four laptops available for student use in my classroom. Because of this, I use Science4Us as a whole group and for guided instruction. My students do more of the hands-on activities, such as note taking, experiments, foldables, and frayer models.
– Josephine, 2nd grade teacher

Teachers who have access to a class set of computers can take advantage of this luxury in a variety of ways. You can lead the lesson with one projected computer while the students follow along on their own computers or students can complete activities individually, working at their own pace, taking the time needed to digest the new concepts, repeating activities as needed.

Once the whole group lessons have been explored, I let my students go on to the website when they are at the computer center, or they can always do so from home or anywhere they have Internet access.
– Bonnie, 1st grade teacher

So how do you know which method is best for you?

Dive right in and start experimenting! We have actually found that many of our users prefer the mixed-method approach. Many teachers like to use Science4Us to introduce a new concept in a whole group setting and then let the students log in individually to explore and discover on their own in centers or at the computer lab. Some of our users tell us they set up centers around their classrooms with the offline activities, while other classes complete these activities as a whole group.

No matter how you like to teach science the most important thing to remember is that the Science4Us curriculum is flexible enough to meet the needs of individual classrooms – and that includes yours!