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The Science4Us program provides:

  • Animated Lessons That Engage Young Learners
  • 1000+ Lessons, Activities and Worksheets
  • Support for Teachers and Parents
  • Integrated Language Arts & Math Skills
  • Automated Reporting
Free Science Songs

Science Songs

These educational songs are found throughout our K-2 curriculum. Through fun, catchy lyrics, science concepts are presented in a way that young learners will enjoy and remember. You can find more Science4Us videos on our YouTube channel.

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Free Science Lessons

Animated Lessons

Science4Us covers four “books” of science – Physical Science, Life Science, Earth/Space Science and Inquiry. The comprehensive curriculum includes 28 modules with over 350 online, animated activities.

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Free Science Projects

Hands-On Projects

Students will enjoy learning fundamental science principles through engaging, hands-on experiments. These fun projects for elementary students use easily attainable, everyday household items such as balloons, magnets and eggs. (Warning: Some experiments may get a little messy!)

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Free Teacher Resources

For Teachers

Whether you are a veteran science teacher or it’s your first time teaching elementary science, these free teaching resources will make your next lesson a breeze. Resources include free worksheets, teaching strategies and teacher lessons which discuss best practices, misconceptions and vocabulary extensions for each topic.

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