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Science4Us provides the essentials that teachers need to confidently and effectively lead a classroom in any science lesson. Each of the 28 modules provides teachers with best practices, misconceptions, vocabulary connections and content extensions on each of the units in Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Inquiry.

Physical Science

In Physical Science, students explore properties of matter, types of energy, and concepts related to force and motion. As students learn through hands-on and virtual activities, they begin to put names to physical science concepts like mixture and solution, property, electricity, friction, magnetism, force, and perspective. Physical Science teaches physics, chemistry, and engineering concepts.

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Inquiry Science

Inquiry focuses on the tools scientists use to observe, describe, compare, measure, and communicate. Students learn to use tools like rulers and balance scales to measure. They use tools like hand lenses and telescopes to observe. In Inquiry, students build skills needed to use the scientific method.

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Life Science

Life Science helps students learn about the natural world. In Living Things, students explore differences between living and nonliving things and also study plants and animals. Balance In Nature helps students discover the interdependence of organisms by practicing eco awareness and studying habitats and food webs.

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Earth and Space Science

Earth and Space Science introduces students to our planet and to the concept of the universe. Students participate in online and offline activities as they explore Earth’s history, materials, features, and weather. Our planet in space is the focus as they study Earth’s seasonal patterns and solar system.

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