Free Resources for Teaching Science

The mission of Science4Us is to provide a solid foundation of fundamental science concepts for students in their formative years, on which a deep understanding and interest in science can be built. Many of these free resources come directly from the Science4Us curriculum.

Teacher Lessons

teacher lessons screen shotScience4Us provides the essentials that teachers need to confidently and effectively lead a classroom in any science lesson. View 28 lessons that provide teachers with best practices, misconceptions, vocabulary connections and content extensions on Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Inquiry.

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Teaching Strategies

Free Science Teaching Strategies

This resource contains strategies appropriate for use across grade levels and learning styles to help you activate students’ prior knowledge, reinforce a variety of literacy skills, and give students an opportunity to self-assess at the end of an activity or investigation.

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Worksheets & Printables

image of downloadable worksheets Science4Us provides many hands-on activities as part of the complete, K-2nd grade science curriculum. These free offline activities can be used in your class as a whole group project, as a student center activity, or you can assign them as homework.

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