Science4Us Homeschool Review Program

Review Science4Us and Receive a Free 30-Day Membership

Do you own a homeschool blog or website focused on technology, family, or education?*

Science4Us would like you to write an honest, candid review of our early elementary science curriculum to share with your readers. In exchange for writing a review, we would like to provide you with a Free 30-day subscription to Science4Us!

In exchange for a free membership, we want you to share your experience with other homeschooling families. Some of our reviewers have shared how they used the curriculum with their students, what tools they found the most useful, and which aspects of the program their students enjoyed the most. Your review can be as long as you would like, but we ask that it be a minimum of two paragraphs.

Step 1: To begin your review, please post the following disclosure on your website or blog:

Over the next 30 days, I will be reviewing Science4Us is an engaging, elementary science curriculum that teaches science using a fun, interactive approach. If you have your own blog and would like to review Science4Us, check out their homeschool review program. Make sure to come back and read my full review.

Step 2: Once you have added the disclosure to your website, email us the link to your blog for the next step.  We can be reached at [email protected].

*Disclaimer: Account is for up to two student. Reviews are to be posted on your own personal blog or website that has been active for at least six months and that is open for public viewing. Reviews posted on Facebook, Twitter, forums and sites other than your own are ineligible. Review is to be posted within 5 days after the completion of the free membership. All review requests are subject to approval by Science4Us.