Indiana Schools Can Make Blended Learning Easy with Science4Us

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) has been encouraging Indiana schools to respond to the changing times and make technology a priority. The IDOE’s Office of eLearning helps schools incorporate technology so that they can achieve a blended learning environment, in which students use both online and offline materials. They have also instituted a Virtual Option for Inclement Weather, in which teachers can use technology to help students continue their lessons even when school is closed. Here are some things to think about when considering how to implement the IDOE’s initiatives for digital learning.

  • Make blended learning work for you. Science4Us helps you integrate technology into the classroom in a seamless and straightforward way. Its early elementary science, digital materials are combined with thousands of offline, hands-on activities to create the ideal blended learning environment. The IDOE names blended learning as one of the most promising educational practices, and features success stories of various Indiana schools now greatly benefitting from this method. Join their ranks in preparing students for success in this digital age!
  • Use digital learning as a solution for inclement weather. Educators and the IDOE alike recognize that increasing snowstorms and other weather conditions pose the risk of learning loss. Science4Us provides a solution to this problem, in the form of kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade science. With our digital delivery, teachers are able to assign lessons and activities for students to complete independently during snow days.
  • Choose a science curriculum that Indiana students love:
    • The latest Speak Up Reports show that Indiana students love digital learning, especially online games and videos. Indiana students grade K-2 believe that playing online games helps them “become better thinkers and problem solvers.” And when older students search for videos to help them learn a concept, they seek videos in science more than any other subject!

    • The 2016 CODiE Award WinnerScience4Us emphasizes online games and videos as key learning tools. Other features of our digital program include inquiry-based modules and virtual investigations that help young learners channel their natural curiosity into scientific questioning and critical thinking, establishing core science skills.

  • Don’t forget about your early learners! Students feel more confident in science if they start young. Although Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress-Plus (ISTEP+) does not test science until 4th grade, it is important to foster strong foundational science skills in your students long before then.
  • Whether your classroom has limited devices or a 1:1 environment, Science4Us caters to your needs. Only one device is necessary in the classroom for this program, since lessons and activities can be completed collaboratively by the whole class. If more devices are available, students can divide into smaller groups or work individually. After school, students can access the program at home at a library or media center, and even on-the-go with our iPad app!
  • Find a program that is easy for teachers. Some teachers may not feel as comfortable with science as other subjects. That’s why content experts and veteran teachers at Science4Us put together professional development videos and guides. Short and to the point, they give teachers information in bite-sized chunks that they will actually have time to digest.

The curriculum hits all of these marks! Our kindergarten, first grade, and second grade science lesson plans are the perfect solution for joining the IDOE’s eLearning initiative and adopting its Virtual Option for Inclement Weather. With our 5E model, elementary students are able to acquire the foundational science skills necessary for future science success. Science4Us provides online, interactive science lessons and offline real-world science for your students during their formative years.