Science Scope and Sequence For K-2

Science4Us provides three year’s worth of science activities, lessons, and games for learners in kindergarten through 2nd grade. Because all learners are different, and their needs change as they grow, Science4Us has developed a separate scope and sequence for each grade level. Although the Science4Us modules are made so that they may be used in any order you choose, and each user has access to all levels of material, each grade’s Science4Us scope and sequence is aligned to the appropriate Next Generation Science Standards.

Kindergarten Science

Kindergarteners are new to the study of science. Their first year of investigation and study will build a framework for all their future science learning. Inquiry will introduce students to the tools they will use throughout the year to help them make observations and measure. These tools may be as familiar as their five senses or as unfamiliar as a balance scale. Students will use scientific tools and inquiry skills as they work through all the modules they study.

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First Grade Science

First graders are experienced scientists. They’re continuing to develop their observation skills and their skills at recording what they learn and observe. Students will build on their skills from kindergarten by learning to observe matter and by learning about the different states of matter. They’ll learn about different forms of energy: light energy, sound energy, and also learn how energy is transformed.

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2nd Grade Science

Second grade learners can absorb more complex material over the course of the year. Their increased knowledge base and skills as learners will allow them to cover a greater number of modules during the year. Some of the modules, such as Tools, Plants and Animals, will be familiar from kindergarten and first grade. Revisiting this familiar content will allow students to take on new and more sophisticated understandings of the topics.

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