No Replacement for the Teacher

“The U.S. education system has methods at its disposal to improve science and math education, such as inquiry-based learning, collaborative problem-solving, and exciting and timely curricula. But no approach can be successfully sustained without bright, well-prepared and well-supported teachers.”

This is what John E. Burris, president of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, writes in his editorial “It’s The Teachers” for Science Magazine, Volume 335.

Science4Us couldn’t agree more!

Without the teacher, discussions don’t happen and connections aren’t made.

Knowing how valuable the teacher is, we’ve made sure to support the teacher as much as possible. With professional development pieces covering background information, common student misconceptions and best practices for teaching each module, printable teacher guides to help the teacher keep the discussions relevant, and videos by own our teachers explaining how to get the most from the program, we hope we’ve given the teacher everything he or she needs to be comfortable with and even learn to love teaching science.

As the Science4Us team develops the K-2 science curriculum, we do so with the complete awareness that no matter how amazing, thorough or engaging we make our program, students just won’t get everything they can out of it without one important ingredient…. an amazing teacher.

Here is just one example of the information we provide to teachers, using Science4Us with their classroom, to insure that they feel comfortable leading discussions on each topic.