Professional Development

Your five year olds aren’t scared of science, so why are you? The answer is simple! You’ve been programmed to be scared of science, and they haven’t!

Whether it is the content that you’re shaky on, or the best ways to connect it to your student’s lives, there are many dark scary corners for an elementary teacher teaching science. Don’t be afraid! Science4Us is here with some light to shed on those dark corners.

The Science4Us curriculum represents a new approach to learning and teaching for the classroom teacher. Teacher-led and digitally-mediated, this product will guide teachers on a clear cut path, training them along the way, so that they can take the lead in implementing a lesson or facilitating a classroom discussion.

They even included an Explain for teachers in case they were not familiar with the content. I cringe when I hear of teachers who have taught a concept incorrectly. Having the Explain helps all of us.
– Leaha – 2nd grade teacher

The teacher support embedded within the product will prepare and enable educators without the need for lengthy and expensive workshops. Components included for teachers are:

  • Lesson Plans that guide teachers through the curriculum
  • Automated Student Reports to track student progress
  • Embedded teacher training and support in the form of:
    • Session Guides that show, step by step, the best way to use the available materials and approach each daily science lesson
    • Teacher Guides that explain the pedagogical importance of each activity, the objective for students, and ways to extend student understanding
    • Teaching Strategies that help teachers activate students’ prior knowledge, reinforce literacy and math skills, and give students an opportunity to self-assess
    • Teacher Lessons that contain extra information specific to the important concepts in each lesson, including:
      • best practices for extending the knowledge into the students’ daily lives
      • common misconceptions to help students avoid
      • ideas for integrating literacy strategies linked to the common core
      • background knowledge teachers will need to lead a lesson with confidence
      • cross-content connection awareness
      • suggestions for ways to integrate investigatory tools

Science4Us provides all of the support that teachers with no time or budget for additional training or materials need to confidently and effectively lead science lessons.