Can Science4Us be used in 3rd-5th grade?

Science4Us is a program that was developed for K-2 students and teachers as a complete science curriculum, but students in upper elementary grade levels can benefit as well. The Science4Us interactive materials can be useful to upper elementary students who do not have a solid K-2 foundation or if they need a content review. Also within the program are 3rd-5th grade offline activities that were created to align with grade-level science standards.  However, Science4Us is a curriculum designed to teach the K-2nd grade standards.  It was not designed to cover all the standards that students are expected to learn in 3rd through 5th grade.

How can I incorporate Science4Us into my 3rd-5th classroom?


Most 3-5 curricula assume that your students already have prior knowledge of fundamental science concepts. Many times is is not true! Science4Us can be a way to weave in those fundamentals quickly with
out falling too far behind.

There are numerous ways to use Science4Us as a review, gap-filler or as an addition to your current curriculum. Our program follows the 5E modelimage of demo, so educators can use our Engage activity before jumping into a topic that is found in their textbooks. Then, they can add the Explore activity to generate new ideas and develop questions. Our Explain offline (Demonstration of Mastery activity) can be used to check for understanding. Our Elaborates in the 3-5 review incorporate literacy, math and STEM as well as a hands-on investigation. Students can fine-tune their science skills with in-depth learning experiences. Finally, our Evaluate is a great way to check for understanding as students work towards learning objectives.

Annmargareth Salyer Marousky, the STEM specials teacher for grades 1-5 at Nova Eisenhower Elementary says, “Science4Us was introduced to me as a program that might benefit our students in grades K-2; but as I spent time training our teachers on the program’s various aspects, I realized that this would be a fun, yet educational means to fill in the gaps left in my fifth grade students’ science knowledge.”
Science4Us could also be used in Special Education small-group settings. The overall design and ease of the program allows students with Special Needs the additional support and exposure to science in a differentiated, media format.

What does Science4Us provide for 3rd-5th graders?

imge of heat energy demo

Science4Us provides a set of materials developed for educators of 3rd to 5th grade students. While the online activities are K-2 content, the hands-on and offline materials are designed specifically to incorporate science, math and literacy skills appropriate to 3rd to 5th grade students. Teachers can quickly review major concepts with your students and use the offline, 3-5 review resources as a starting point for your current curriculum.

Betty Finnell, a science resource teacher at Hillcrest Charter School,is planning to add the 3-5 review as a supplement for her older students. They already use it for K-2 so she thinks it will be a natural addition to their curriculum. She predicts that Science4Us will be “the icing on the cake…that piece we need to get our scores moving in an even higher direction.”

Annmargareth shares one of the ways she integrated Science4us into her 3rd-5th classes.  “By using the evaluation as a pre-test, I can figure out what aspects of the concept I need to address more deeply. I can then assign elements of the program so that the instruction is individualized to my students’ needs while leaving the rest of the program open for enjoyment. By having the pieces that provide a percentage score, my students are held accountable and realize that the program is more important than just a “fun thing.”

Annmargareth also goes on to say, “Science4Us has enhanced my classroom environment. It provides a resource that is interactive and engaging that allows my struggling reader to gain the same content without the embarrassment of using a “lower level” program that stands out to their peers. They are engaged and can laugh along with their peers as they review basic information.”

Science4Us is a great review program to supplement your current curriculum and to ensure the continuous exposure to science in an exciting way.  For this reason, teachers choose Science4Us to reinforce their 3-5 science curriculum. With the high expectations of a demanding middle school science curriculum, will your students be ready?