Science4Us aligns with Next Generation Science Standards for K-2

Science4Us brings science to life through digital animated lessons, interactive games, and hands-on activities. The program offers students the experiences needed to successfully accomplish the performance expectations identified in the NGSS.

Science4Us Crosscutting Concepts Science4Us NGSS Alignments

Disciplinary Core Ideas

Core ideas provide the foundation students need to understand and investigate concepts and problems in science. Science4Us teaches core ideas, while making the student activities both age appropriate and fun.

Science and Engineering Practices

Students need both knowledge and practice to succeed in STEM. Science4Us takes a hands-on approach to learning, and includes multiple opportunities for students to investigate, analyze, question and more in every lesson.

Crosscutting Concepts

Science4Us helps students make connections across subject matters by emphasizing crosscutting concepts in each lesson.


Both NGSS and Science4Us were built upon the belief that it is important to integrate literacy into science instruction. This interdisciplinary approach helps students learn new science concepts while also improving their literacy skills.

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