Summer Science Program

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There aren’t very many subjects that you could get kids excited about doing over the summer.  Do you think your elementary kids would jump at the chance to learn more math and writing this summer? Maybe not…. but what about… science?! We bet they’d be interested in sliding down a muddy ramp, or spilling chocolate sauce and honey to see which one travels faster!

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If so, Science4Us can engage your K-2 students in science this summer!

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Whether your kids are interested in learning about magnetism, or sound energy, or animals, or our solar system, Science4Us provides engaging digital games and activities as well as ideas for offline hands-on experiments that any family can do.

Learning doesn’t have to be a chore. It should be fun!

While science can be an intimidating subject for students who haven’t had experience with it, it doesn’t have to be. For Kindergarten through 2nd grade students, it’s all about realizing that science is all around them, all the time. Science isn’t done only in laboratories; it’s happening everywhere you look. With early exposure to science, delivered in a way that engages the young user, science goes from a confusing mass of unattainable knowledge to interesting, attainable and even fun!

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At $7.95 per student, per month, there is no better way to keep your kids engaged in learning over the summer. Because there are no contracts, you can sign up your students for the summer months and cancel whenever you need to! You just might find that once they start, they won’t want to stop doing science!

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