Texas Science Adoption 2013

Science4Us is Recommended for Texas Science Adoption

Science4Us has been recommended for adoption to the Texas legislature as part of the 2013 State of Texas Science Adoption of K8 science curriculum …

Science4Us was recommended for adoption by the panel convened by the Texas State Department of Education for the Texas 2013-2014 “Creative Mathematics Curriculum with STEM, Literacy, and Arts, K-8” as a component of a team bid. The Texas Proclamation for Science Adoption required a comprehensive correlation of the coverage of TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) science standards. Science4Us provides kindergarten science, first grade science, and second grade science that aligns with TEKS standards.

What is Science4Us?

Science4Us is a new, online science curriculum available for kindergarten, first and second grade. Science4Us is a standards-based core curriculum and is built using the 5E Instructional Model. There are animated lessons, songs, simulations and games, cross-curricular activities, lesson plans, offline activities and evaluates. For teachers, there are brief professional development videos that provide a review of the content, common student misconceptions, and best teaching practices.

Science4Us.com is web-based so there is no software to install. Minimum preparation is required for a teacher to begin using the curriculum. It is designed so that with 15 minutes of preparation the teacher is ready to implement Science4Us in the classroom. This can be done with a whole class, a small group or with students at individual computers.

In 2013, Science4Us won a Department of Education research grant (SBIR) to study and optimize the use of games to teach science. From 2011-2013, Science4Us ran field testing to develop and optimize educational effectiveness and ease of use.

Texas Submission of “Creative Mathematics Curriculum with STEM, Literacy, and Arts, K-8”

Science4Us partnered with TPS publishing in response to the Texas Proclamation of a K-8 Science Adoption. TPS provides Traditional, STEM and STEAM project based materials aligned to Common Core requirements. Professional development courses are provided by Illinois State University Center for Mathematics and Science. TPS selected Science4Us to participate in the Texas bid based on the strength of the Science4Us interactive curriculum and its strong coverage of the TEKS standards for K-2nd science. TPS Inc was created and is owned predominantly by experienced teachers, specifically to improve student success. TPS has succeeded in a number of state math and science adoptions including Georgia, Florida, and New York.