Texas Science Adoption 2014

Science4Us Correlated to the TEKsScience4Us has been adopted in the State of Texas

Science4Us was adopted as a K-2 curriculum by the Texas State Department of Education for the Texas 2014-2015 “Creative Mathematics Curriculum with STEM, Literacy, and Arts, K-8″ as a component of TPS Publishing’s offering.

Science4Us is inclusive of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade science.

What is Science4Us?

Science4Us is a digital science curriculum for Kindergarten, first, and second grade, built using the 5E Instructional Model. For the student, there are animated lessons, songs, simulations and games, cross-curricular activities, lesson plans, offline hands-on activities, and evaluates. For the teacher, there are extensive lesson plans, as well as integrated professional development videos provided as bite-sized, in the moment opportunities for teachers to review content, common student misconceptions, and best teaching practices. The program is online so there is no software to install. Science4Us works on Chromebooks and an app for tablets is in development.

Why pick a curriculum such as Science4Us specifically for K-2?

Traditionally, science is not a focus until the upper elementary grades. Unfortunately, this delay of science-focused instruction has created a learning deficit, as evidenced by the drop in fourth grade science proficiency. Once developed, this deficiency is hard to rectify. Worse, students become uninterested in science and see it as a chore, rather than an engaging learning opportunity. Providing students with Science4Us, a highly engaging and motivating science curriculum, at the beginning of their educational career will spark the natural curiosity of all early learners.

Does Science4Us work?

In 2012, Science4Us contracted Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) to perform an academic review, including efficacy testing, of Science4Us. Researchers from McREL gave high marks to Science4Us regarding the digital implementation of the 5E Instructional Model and the inclusion of formative assessment opportunities. They also found that students participating in Science4Us outperformed those students engaged in traditional science instruction. In addition, in 2013, Science4Us was awarded a Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences research grant (SBIR) to study and optimize the use of games to teach science. The study validated the developmental appropriateness of the student activities and helped to optimize the teacher support materials.

How do I order Science4Us?

The ISBN number to order Science4Us through EMAT is 9780615803975. It is the same ISBN for Kindergarten, first, and second grade. Alternatively, Science4Us is included in the entire K-5 TPS Publishing offering purchasable through EMAT. Contact us at 954-626-3117 with any questions regarding purchasing Science4Us.

Texas submission of “Creative Mathematics Curriculum with STEM, Literacy, and Arts, K-8”

Science4Us partnered with TPS publishing to respond to the Texas Proclamation of a K-8 Science Adoption. TPS selected Science4Us to participate in the Texas bid based on the strength of the Science4Us digital curriculum and its coverage of the TEKS for K-2nd science.

List of partners in the submission