Textbook Adoptions and the “Gap Year” Dilemma

Textbook adoptions can be downright challenging. Selecting a curriculum that will meet your students’ specific learning needs in an engaging way, and one that aligns to your standards is important. With the 2017-2018 Florida Instructional Materials Adoption for Science K-12 in the distant future, many educators are left wondering how to make ends meet during this upcoming science “Gap Year.” Many of them are asking “what science materials should we turn to when our consumables are depleted and our budgets are minimal?”Optimized-iStock_000024576424_Double


Finding a science program to supplement your school or district during the Florida science “Gap Year,” is not something to overlook. Here are some helpful suggestions to consider when searching for that perfect “Gap Year” curriculum that will award you with the maximum implementation benefits.

  • Use this opportunity to explore a new program– there is no better time than during the “Gap Year” to explore a new program, that you may want to consider for the Florida Instructional Materials Adoption for Science K-12. By tapping into a new or emerging publisher, you are able to get the full experience of how their program works in your classroom environment with your unique student population.
  • Be sure to consider the support- anytime a new program or curriculum is adopted, professional development and implementation support is paramount. Ensure that initial training as well as instructional integration support is provided to the adopters. And, also take into consideration the ease of account setup.
  • Don’t forget your early learners– all to often we focus our attention on the grade levels in which students are being tested, and we neglect the lower grade levels, like kindergarten, first grade and second grade. Getting the proper foundational skills is equally as important as making the grade on the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA). Early elementary science exposure will lead to stronger performance on these high stakes assessments.
  • Be kind to your budget– with limited budgets dedicated to “Gap Year” curriculum, consider subscription based science programs that require minimal investment with a maximum return.

The Science4Us.com curriculum hits all of these marks! Our kindergarten, first grade, and second grade science lesson plans are the perfect solution for your “Gap Year” science curriculum. With our 5E model, elementary students are able to acquire the foundational science skills necessary for future science success. Science4Us provides online interactive science lessons and offline hands-on science for your students during their formative years.