The 2016 BESSIE Award Goes to for Best Science Concepts

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A BESSIE Award reviewer says, ” Science4Us is a colorful and inviting science website that young children (K-2) will enjoy as they learn fundamental science concepts.” The reviewer also notes that the Science4Us program “excels in providing exciting, age-appropriate science material for younger students, as well as invaluable management tools for [the] teacher.”

This distinguished honor from ComputED Gazette in their 22nd Annual Best Education Software, or BESSIE, Awards targets “innovative and content-rich programs…that provide parents and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence.”  Science4Us strives to do just that with our kindergarten, first grade and second grade science program.

About Science4Us:

Based on the 5-E Model, Science4Us delivers 350 online, interactive activities and over 1,000 offline activities.  Woven throughout the program, users will find literacy, math, and engineering activities.  Teachers and students alike love the digital component, which boasts fun activities and games that allow them to practice science content, vocabulary, literacy skills and math concepts.  The offline activities, which can be hands-on, require basic materials that can easily be found in a kindA student uses Science4Us on an iPad.ergarten, first grade and second grade classroom.

Another benefit of the Science4Us program are the pedagogical videos found throughout the instructional modules.  Teachers can learn a little more about the science content before diving in with their kindergarten, first grade and second grade students.  Lesson plans are detailed and also add in accommodations that can be made for differentiated instruction.  Once the activities are completed by the students, teachers can view reports to view digital notebook entries and even see objectives that were missed on assessments.

From the 5-E model to the added bonus of literacy and math, standards-based Science4Us is a great science tool to use with your kindergarten, first grade and second grade early learners to gain all the necessary foundational skills they will need to be foster a love for science!