Eco Awareness

The Eco Awareness module builds directly from the knowledge students have gained about the natural world around them. Students learn that many factors affect whether or not living things can thrive in their habitats.

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Ten Things

This Elaborate session allows students to apply what they have learned to new situations. In this session students participate in a selection of activities that focus on science process skills and content understanding. To complete the session, students work independently or with peers to complete an offline activity that reinforces science process skills.

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Cheer for the Planet

This Elaborate session promotes the use of formal definitions and explanations in a format not traditionally used in science instruction. In this session students view an animated literature piece and use their digital Notebook to record their ideas. Students also participate in a teacher-led discussion that emphasizes the science content. To complete the session, students participate in offline activities that reinforce the connection between science, literature, and the arts.

Eco Awareness
Eco Awareness module
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Eco Awareness

All of the living things that make up the environment depend on each other to meet their needs–even people! When changes happen in the environment, living things respond. In this module, students see how changes in an environment can affect the natural world as they learn the the importance of being eco aware.

Core Concept

We can show that we are eco aware by practicing the three Rs of reduce, reuse, and recycle as well as being sensitive to the needs of the other living things that share the environment with us.

Essential Vocabulary

eco awareness, endangered, environment, fragile, habitat, invasive, litter, natural, pollution, recycle, reduce, reuse

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Activities and games help students understand that they can Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to protect the natural world around them. Students also learn that living things can be fragile and can become endangered or extinct. Students explore invasive species and what they mean for native species in a habitat. Students learn a cheer for the environment and participate in English language activities to develop language skills while learning the science curriculum.